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Air cleaning of:

• household dust, fine and ultrafine dust, dust mites, etc. • smut, soot, carbon monoxide, sulphuric and nitric oxides, phenols, polychlorinated dibenzodioxins, zinc, etc. • viruses, bacteria, mould, mildew, fungal and mould spores and other biological or household allergens • tobacco smoke, paints, mould, burn, pets’ odours, etc.

Living accommodation

Purified and ionized indoor air NANODRON® has a beneficial effect on human health and helps to relieve breathing problems, stabilize the central nervous system, normalize metabolic processes and blood pressure; it also increases immunity, prevents and cures a wide range of diseases, alleviates respiratory disorders and allergies, reduces excessive fatigue, insomnia and relieves stress.

Offices and industrial facilities

In modern conditions a comprehensive air cleaning and ionization in offices and industrial facilities is the barest necessity – after all, the general state of health and health itself depends on indoor air quality, as well as working capacity of all employees and visitors. NANODRON® air-cleaning systems allow to create a favorable healthy microclimate enhancing personnel productive work.

Medical treatment and prophylactic establishments 

The comprehensive air cleaning technology NANODRON® that neutralizes a wide range of viruses and malignant bacteria, allergens, mould, mildew, dust, toxic substances and odours, not only helps to prevent dangerous nosocomial infections, but also provides the required level of sterilization in procedure units, operating rooms, reanimation units and emergency wards.

Educational institutions

Clean and safe air NANODRON® in kindergartens, schools,  gymnasiums, universities, libraries offers reliable protection from infections and prevention of various diseases. Children and adults experience immunity strengthening, reduction of allergic disorders and seasonal influenza epidemics, significant enhancement of perception and digestion of teaching material.

Sport and Recreation

Anyone who takes part in sport realizes how important pure air is for  high-level training. NANODRON® air-cleansers provide comprehensive air purification in any sport club or studio, absorb and eliminate any unpleasant odours of sweat and coverings in training halls, mould and mildew in shower cabins and locker rooms, relieve breathing and enhance high working capacity during trainings.

Functional premises

Indoor air cleaning and ionisation with NANODRON® air-cleaning systems in functional premises of common use (smoking rooms, airports, stations, trade centres, SPAs, beauty salons, etc.) besides absorption and neutralization of all odours that are a nuisance, creates optimal healthy microclimate, facilitates  work efficiency and improves the general state of health of personnel and visitors.


The innovative air-cleaning technology NANODRON® solves one of the main problems of restaurants, canteens, bistros, cafes, pubs, bars, and hookah rooms – the stagnant smell of food and tobacco, which soaks into furniture, clothes, skin and hair. Besides that, NANODRON® neutralizes harmful airborne substances and allergens such as smut, soot, carbon monoxide, bacteria, mould, mildew, etc.

Culture and Entertainment 

Installation of NANODRON® air-cleaning systems in theatres, cinemas, concert halls, entertainment centres, casinos, clubs, disco-bars and other entertainment establishments is the comprehensive solution for comfortable microclimate and your harmful leisure.

Hotel Industry:

Hosting the guests with genuine care and high-level comfort is the key success factor in hospitality industry. Our high-tech air-cleaning systems NANODRON® neutralize harmful substances, allergens and nuisance odors in all hotel premises (rooms, halls, conference rooms, restaurants, cafes, bars, night clubs, etc.). In this way we ensure optimal microclimate and healthy well-being for all your guests.

Wellness & SPA:

Indoor air comprehensive cleaning and ionization with NANODRON® air-cleaning systems inWellness Centers and SPAs is the guarantee of valuable recreation experience and high-level comfort for all customers and visitors. NANODRON® air-cleansers absorb all nuisance odors and neutralize harmful substances, allergens and toxic vaporizations. Purified and ionized indoor air NANODRON® has numerous beneficial effects on human health, fosters body vitality and provides resilience to stress. 

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